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Very Rare Metal Marushin


 German Maschinenpistole MP41 Submachinegun

All metal with real wood stock




Example of a Marushin MP41 shell ejecting blowback replica.  

Full metal with real wood stock and same weight (4.1Kg) as the real thing

Functions, Fires,  Fieldstrips exactly like the real thing and included 20 Marushin 9mm blowback cartridges (new type)  that like the real MP41 can be fired on semi (single shot) or full Auto.    

The Marushin MP41 was made December 1980  and in very good unfired condition.

Last produced over thirty years ago abd these are very rare hard to come by.  A superb rare blowback replica.  

Included:  20 brand new 9mm PFC blowback cartridges (new type).  Nylon carry sling, copy of original instructions and one box of PFC caps. No original box.

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing.
     Caliber:   9mm Blowback cartridges - Reusable 
     Weight:  4.1Kg (unloaded)   Same weight as the real thing!

      Magazine capacity:  32

     Length: 830mm
     Construction: All Metal with real wood stock

     Selective Fire:   Semi & Full Automatic

     Power:  7mm cap charge Blowback


Brief info on the MP41

The MP41 (Machine Pistol 41) is a modified version of the MP40. The MP40 is a follow-on to the MP38. The MP 38 was the first machine pistol issued to the German army since WW1. The MP38 was designed and manufactured from 1938 to 1940 by ERMA. The MP40 and MP40/I were cost reduced versions of the MP38. The MP40s were made by a number of firms and subcontractors from 1940 to 1944. The MP41 was credited to Schmeisser  the plant manager at Haenl. For that reason, anything that looked like an MP41 has been called a Schmeisser. All three fired 9mm Para. ammo.

Maschinenpistolen 41

Calibre: 9mm Parabellum

Length overall: 830mm

Length of barrel: 245mm

Weight: 4.1kg

Muzzle velocity: 381 ms-1

Magazine capacity: 32 rounds

Maximum effective (combat) range: 70m

Rate of fire: 500 rpm cyclic

The MP41, manufactured by Haenel, was used by Germany's paramilitary police units, which had long been armed with wooden stocked MP28 's. The wooden stocks allowed the butts to be used as clubs in riot situations. The MP41 was identical to the MP40 in all respects other than the difference in stocks.

Accessories form Marushin MP41

Brand new 32rd metal Marushin MP40 magazine

       Genuine WWII German MP40 magazine with Waffenampt markings.  (These fit the Marushin MP40)

     Coming soon :  Leather magazines pouch with magazine loader :

 MP40 Shell Catcher...  Ideal for the re-enactor.. no more looking for shells.  Quick and easy to fit with velcro straps.  Velcro flap for quick access and removal of spent cartridges without removing the shell catcher.  Does not effect operation of the MP40:   mag change, sling attachment or folding stock all can be done as normal with the shell catcher in place.   Will hold approx. 75 cartridges.