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1911 Pistols

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 M1911A1 U.S. Army

With real wood grips


Example of a MGC :  M1911A1 U.S. Army (with real wood grips & Colt logo)

Included: Original box / instructions,  six unused MGC .45ACP Blowback rounds (re-usable),  7rd magazine and 1 box of M.G caps. 

Made in the 90's and in very good condition,  appears unfired.

Very good weight and feel to it.      No visible makers name (MGC).

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing.
     Caliber:  .45  blowback brass cartridges - Reusable
     Weight loaded approx: 856g 

     Capacity: 7 + 1 chamber

     Power:  7mm PFC cap Blowback.  - Open barrel.

     Norinco markings and serial number

     Materials:  Heavyweight abs & zinc alloy parts ect.. 
     Firing Mode:  Semi-automatic

Brief info on the COLT M1911A1

The history of the Colt Gov't / M1911 Pistol began in early 1900s, when famous designer John M. Browning began to develop semi-automatic pistols for Colt company. In the 1906-1907 U.S. Army announced trials to replace its service revolvers with new, semi-automatic pistol. Army required the new pistol to have the caliber of .45 inch, so Browning designed its own cartridge that fired 230 grains (15.64 gramms) bullet, and then, designed a new pistol. In 1911, after extensive testing, the new pistol and its cartridge, designed by Browning and manufactured by Colt, were adopted for U.S. military service as M1911. Prior to and during World War One, more than one million of these guns were manufactured, mostly by Colt and Springfield Armoury, as well as by Remington-UMC, Burroughs, Savage and some other companies. The rights to manufacture Colt/Browning design were also sold to some foreign countries, such as Norway or Argentine.

In 1926, original design was improved, following the recommendations of the US Army Ordance Dept. These changes incorporate the following items (see picture above):
1. Wider front sight
2. Longer hammer spur
3. Shorter trigger
4. Curved spring housing
5. Simplified grip panels checkering
6. Index finger reliefs behind the trigger
7. Longer grip-safety spur

The improved design was adopted by US Military as M1911A1 pistol, and served with distinction until the mid-1980s, when it was officially replaced in service with M9 pistol (US-made Beretta 92FS).

Along with Colt, countless numbers of companie in the USA and other countries manufactured more or less exact copies of the M1911. Some millions of guns were manufactured in the USA during the WW2 by numerous companies under US Government contracts, and probably even more were manufactured for commercial sales. Most common M1911 clones are manufactured by: Springfield armoury, Les Baer, Kimber, Wilson, STI, Para Ordnance and many, many others. Also, many M1911-partterned pistols are still custom built for service duty, sport shooting and self defence.

The Colt Gov't / M1911 is probably the most popular pistol in the world. It is known for its reliability, serviceability, simplicity. Custom made M1911s capable of outstanding accuracy, and many of M1911-patterned guns are still in service with different military and law enforcement agencies in the USA.


Spare cartridges:    

Spare magazines :    (none parkerized)

Blowback cartridges: Eight real look / size 


Look like real bullets with .45 markings (great for display) but can also be fired in your .45 model gun  (uses 7mm cap)

Dummy bullets:  Eight real look / size .45ACP  


Look like real bullets with .45ACP markings (great for display)

Ammo Boxes:   Plastic container for .45ACP & 10mm rounds (real looks or blowback).  Keep your ammo neatly stored      

Nylon Black Holster:  


Shoulder Holster: 


Nylon Shoulder holster for variety of guns, Beretta's, 1911's, Desert Eagle and more..

U.S. Property storage / carry case