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Very Rare - Tanaka Works

M1897 Riot TEXAS Shotgun







Example of a Rare Tanaka Works M1897 Texas Riot Shot gun.

Not many of these were made back in 1993 when they were last produced.

The Tanaka M1897 functions Exactly like the real thing, with genuine wood stock and foregrips.

Included : Six 12 gauge Tanaka shotgun cartridges (1 box), copy of original instructions,  2 boxes of PFC caps.

Construction:  Metal, wood, heavyweight abs

Weight:  2.1Kg

Open Barrel

Chamber capacity:  6 + 1

Brief info on 1897 Texas Riot Shotgun

The Winchester 1897 riot gun, a shorter version of the infamous 1897 Trench Gun, was a favourite of many US law enforcement agencies, especially the Texas agencies including the Texas rangers.   Its 6+1 shell capacity made this one of the most feared shotguns of its day

"Riot gun" was a common term for a police shotgun, birdshot might be fired into a riotous crowd to force it to disperse, which is how police shotguns came to be referred to as "riot guns.

Though shotguns are usually loaded with some kind of multiple projectile buckshot, there is a single bullet, called a rifled slug that is designed specifically for use in a shotgun.

Since a shotgun is a smooth-bore weapon, rifled slugs have twisty ridges cut into the side of the projectile to give it some spin as it exits the weapon, thus theoretically enhancing accuracy.

While not exactly the last word on pinpoint accuracy, is a hellacious medium-range carbine-style weapon