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WWII German MP44

 Included: of 20x 9mm PFC blowback cartridges and 1 box of our PFC (FLAME) caps

Videos of our modified Marushin MP40


Click above to see video of our modified Marushin MP40


Example of a Full automatic Marushin MP40 blow back model gun which uses the Plug Fire Cartridge system.   Pre- built, modified  and tuned as seen in videos above / louder and very consistent firing unlike in standard unmodified form.   Ready for action straight out the box.  Original packing/ instructions included with constructed / modified Marushin MP40.

This is a full size working replica of the famous WWII German MP40 consisting of abs and metal parts.   The MP40 is constructed from Marushin heavyweight model guns abs and metal parts
The barrel and receiver are hw abs and the folding stock, barrel nut, front sight, trigger mechanism, magazine and some other components are metal

Engineered precisely like the original, and also operates like the original in every way, such as loading, ejection of rounds, magazine removal,  metal stock assembly locking and folding, sights, etc. Breakdown fieldstrip and assembly is EXACTLY per the original!   Fires on full auto (like the real thing does) or controlled burst fire (each squeeze of the trigger will provide fire for as long as the trigger is held).  See videos above!

So well made these replica MP40's accept Original WW2 German MP40 magazines.

Great  for the collector, re-enactor or MP40 / WWII enthusiast.  

Accessories available for Marushin MP40

32rd metal Marushin MP40 magazine:     per magazine 

Genuine WWII German MP40 magazine:   with Waffenampt markings.  (These fit the Marushin MP40)  :   each 

     Leather magazines pouch with magazine loader

Extra 9mm blowback cartridges( 1 box =  5 cartridges)

Additional PFC fire caps  :     1 box of PFC caps for 100 shot

Low combined price: Marushin MP40 mag + 32rds :   

9mm Real Look `Dummy` Bullets:   Eight real look / size 9mm dummy bullets


Look like real 9mm bullets with.9mm markings (great for display)

Ammo box:  Plastic container for 9mm rounds (real looks or blowback).   Keep your ammo neatly stored          Holds 50rds

Leather reproduction MP40 slings:      

MP40 Shell Catcher:   Ideal for the re-enactor.. no more looking for shells.  Quick and easy to fit with velcro straps.  Velcro flap for quick access and removal of spent cartridges without removing the shell catcher.  Does not effect operation of the MP40:   mag change, sling attachment or folding stock all can be done as normal with the shell catcher in place.   Will hold approx. 75 cartridges.