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Automag Pistols

Clint Mag1 44Automag TDE Automag44 Silver

METAL Marushin


With Real Wood Grips


Example of a Metal Marushin Auto Mag .44 AMP 180 TDE with real wood grips.

Made in the mid 90's and no longer produced.

Original gold finish,  could be polished to a super chrome finish like so:        

Included original box, original instructions, six .44AMP blowback cartridges (like new, unused) and 1x box of PFC caps.

     Caliber:    44AMP  blowback heavyweight cartridges - reusable  -  6 included
     Weight loaded approx:   1.5Kg
     Magazine Capacity:   6
     Power:  7mm cap Blowback. 
     Materials:  All Metal with Real Wood Grips.   
     Firing Mode:  Semi-automatic