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Recent additions: (May 2013)

      WWII German MP44     H&K USP 9mm     Walther PPK/S     Browning M1910     Colt Pocket .25

Metal Colt S.A.A. .45 (Artillery)     Metal Colt S.A.A. .45 Cavalry     Derringer .22 Magnum


New website up and running, please visit  :  www.mg-props.co.uk

New stock will be arriving weekly !!!

Site being regularly updated, come back soon !

 Shell Ejecting Blank Fire Blowback Replicas

 M16   AK47    M1A1  MP40  Sten  UZI, Shotguns,  Luger   Beretta    Mauser    M1 Carbine   M14 Rifle   and more...

 MODELGUNS are blank fire replica guns (not real guns): They Function : Fire : Field   strip Exactly like the real thing but cannot / do not fire a forward projectile.

Welcome to www.modelguns.eu  new and rare modelguns from makers such as MGC (Model Gun Company),  Shoei,  Hudson,  Marushin, Tanaka Works, CMC....check out the above links for new and rare blowback replicas including:  Assault Rifles   SMG's    Rifles    Pistols  Revolvers and Shotguns

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